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Receiving orders in various models, shapes, sizes colors, according to which you want ***.
Welcome Knick knacks which is the center of Bali.

Souvenir Kampung Bali is the Supplier Knick knacks and already 5 years into a leading provider of knick knacks for the center by the bali in bali.Some Stores By - By The Vendor hometown souvenirs are:
UD Shinta - By Center - located in the Sukawati By
Ganesha By - By. Located in Denpasar
Kiosks - Kiosks knick knacks in Land Lot, Kuta, Sanur, the base kedaton
The Jogja Accessories which is located at Matahari Department Jogjakarta
Female Anissa accessories are located in Bandung.
And much more.
And this website is the online version of our business. Who want a souvenir bali products known by the people of Indonesia.
All products bali handicrafts and knick knacks that exist in this bali is the original product and the price of knick knacks or craft that we offer is very attractive. In addition to retail prices, we also have provided knick knacks wholesale prices, which certainly is very attractive for resellers.
All goods Bali knick knacks that we offer all are ready stock. Although there are some blank items, knick knacks but we will soon be held again.
Product List include the following
Souvenir Belts
Souvenir bracelet bali
Souvenir necklace bali
Souvenir Bali Belts
Souvenir Bags bali
Souvenir hair accessoris
Souvenir Statue
Souvenir Paintings
and much more.
Souvenir from Bali, Souvenir Bali, the center of the bali, bali knickknacks, sandal bali, bali shirt, bali painting bali bracelet. Sandalwood prayer beads, prayer beads aloes, Souvenir Bali - Knick Pernik Bali - Bali Souvenir.
In closing I wish you good shopping at our online store


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Kampung Souvenir

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Phone :: +62 (361) 8699913 atau +081999921296


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